Clinical Somatics

 Your practitioner is Darren Gibbs


Clinical Somatic sessions is effective for all painful muscular, joint and movement problems including:

  • back, neck, shoulder, hip and joint pain
  • sciatica
  • RSI and carpal tunnel syndrome
  • niggly injuries that just don’t seem to heal
  • post operative and injury recovery
  • flexibility and mobility difficulties
  • migraine, tension headaches and stress
  • sleep disorders
  • lack of vitality and energy


Why Things Go Wrong

When muscles get exhausted through a repeated response to stress or injury, we experience pain. Over time and coupled with compromised movement, pain becomes chronic. This tension takes energy and so it robs us of vitality.

When held for a long enough period of time, this situation becomes our new “normal” and we literally forget what our natural movement range and quality is like (and even what the original problem was!); often putting things down to the myth of “oh I must be getting older”.

This condition is called Sensory Motor Amnesia (S.M.A.)

Clinical Somatics goes to the root of most chronic muscular pain – the brain – and the way in which it senses and controls both muscles and movement. The result is improved coordination, a greater sense of self-control, and freedom of movement without pain.

Clinical Somatic Education is the approach developed by Dr Thomas Hanna, which systematically removes S.M.A. through gentle self directed movements. These movements (called Pandiculations) restore full and efficient muscle function through improving the way our brain controls the muscles and their coordination, enabling us to move freely without pain.


muscles have no will of their own and only contract when the brain tells them to do so. No matter what you do, no matter how you try to manipulate joints or stretch muscles, unless you change the signal from the brain, the tension will persist and come back. Resetting muscles at the level of the brain is the only way to achieve long-term results.


We are often told that if an area is hurting then it must be weak and should be strengthened. In the vast majority of cases this categorically not the case, and instead they are in fact being overworked  due to a problem elsewhere in the body – they are “taking the strain”.

Your first treatment session costs £60, is two hours and includes a full clinical assessment.

Sessions after that are £40 per hour, and are approximately an hour long.

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Learn how to improve coordination, increase flexibility and strength and reduce tension through simple movements and exercises.
Somatics (developed by Dr Thomas Hanna) teach how, through experiencing how our muscle groups coordinate, we can learn how to move more efficiently and with greater range and ease.
These classes are suitable for all ages and abilities.
“If you can sense it, you can move it – if you can move it, you can improve it”
Classes run in six week blocks on Tuesday evening 6.00 – 7.00pm
£50 for the six sessions
Booking is essential
Please contact Darren for further details