Doula Training- The Well Mama Way

Well Mama offers a professional holistic doula training that encourages confidence, supports intuition and celebrates gentle and natural childbirth.

Join a circle of women on a journey of depth and discovery beginning April of 2016. We meet over five weekends, ten days in all, each day symbolising a moon of the ten moon journey of pregnancy, to share learning around the transformational path of the Childbearing Year.

Each weekend we will be discovering, nourishing and honouring our skills, knowl- edge and experience as Doula’s, whilst also adding WellMother Shiatsu to our birth bags.

Module One: Conception – Drawing down the New Moon

Introduction to WellMama values and ethics

-WellMama code of conduct

-WellMama code of Ethics

Physical, Emotional and Spiritual Preparation for pregnancy

-Global Approaches to Conception ,

-Fertility Cycle and Physiology of Conception

Well Mother Shiatsu

-WellMama Primal movements

-Womb blessing

Holistic Approaches to the Childbearing Year

-Nutrition and herbal helpers

-Introduction to Holistic Practice



-Infertility, IVF, IUI


Module Two: Pregnancy – Waxing Moon

Physiology and Development of Mother and Baby

-10 moons of pregnancy

– Embryology

Common Interventions in Pregnancy

-Appointments with Midwives


Well Mother shiatsu

– Introduction to Well Mother Shiatsu

-WellMama Primal movements

Pregnancy nutrition 

-Herbal and homeopathic

-Nutritional needs of mother and baby

Birth Preferences 

-Birth Plans

-Mother Blessings


Module Three: Labour – Full Moon

Physiology of Labour

– Natural labour

-Elements and Tides of Labour

-Common interventions in labour

– Clinical


-Well Mother Shiatsu

– WellMama Primal Movements for Labour

-Well Mother Shiatsu for labour



-Supporting labour

Nourishing Labour

– Foods, Herbs and Homeopathy

-Doula Presence


Module Four: Birth – Waning Moon

Elements, Tides and Process of Natural Birth

– Physiology

– Nourishing the Flow -Herbal and Homeopathic Helpers for Birth

Common Interventions in Birth

– Clinical


Well Mother Shiatsu

-WellMama Primal movements for Birth

-Well Mother Shiatsu for Birth

 Birthing Beauty,

-Birth Presence, Places and Positions,  Understanding different Births

-Nourishing Primal Bonding between Baby and Parents

Birthing the Placenta

-Natural Completion of the Cycle

– Common interventions for the Third Stage


Module Five: Breastfeeding – Baby Moon: Embracing the Dark Moon

Establishing Breastfeeding 

– Baby Moon

– Supporting Bonding

Placenta Processes

-Eating, Encapsulating, returning to the Earth


Well Mother Shiatsu

-WellMama Primal Movements for the Baby Moon

-Well Mother Shiatsu for The Baby Moon

Introduction to Post Natal Doula Work

-Understanding Birth Trauma

-Mothering the Mother- Closing the Bones

Beginning your Doula Business

-Contract, Promotions, Website, List Building , Referrals

-Well Mama Way Doula Network and Mentoring Process

Ten course modules will each reflect a different stage of the childbearing year, beginning with Pre-Conception – Drawing Down the Moon, and ending with Breast- feeding and Beyond – Closing the Bones.
We will be exploring eastern and western medical approaches to childbirth, learning theoretical and practical applications of WellMother Shiatsu, and engaging experien- tially with the bio dynamics of embryology.

Each weekend will include a reflective home study module and the option to attend and assist at either a childbirth preparation class or infant massage class.

Touch, being the earliest sense we develop, one of our first forms of communication, is of great importance during pregnancy and birth. From our mother’s womb, to our first moments born to the world, and months afterwards, we remain acutely sensitive to touch. Throughout our lives, whether we are aware of it or not, touch re- mains a primal way in which we relate. Shiatsu brings awareness to the way we touch, and how we communicate through touch.

The Practice of Well Mother Shiatsu offers a way for a woman, her baby and her partner to experience safe, intimate and loving touch during pregnancy, birth and beyond. Nurturing touch through Shiatsu can be a great support to pregnant mothers, their babies and families, and provides a nourishing and practical system of connection for the doula to the mother, baby, and the whole family. Bringing a profound awareness to our touch, Shiatsu develops the sensitivity and respect in our contact with the mother and her baby, who are both acutely sensitive to the quality of touch they receive during and after the birth.

Modules are £200 each.
Phone Bethan on 0785 5717713.