Primal Movement

Fridays 6.15pm – 7.30pm

With Lead Instructor Ryan Naish

The Primal Awakening process develops our Natural Human Movement Patterns through structured protocols and experimental play.

Each session will take a different theme but address the same Movement fundamentals: Mobility, Reaction speed, Balance, Strength and Cardio respiratory fitness through a variety of methods: crawling, pushing, pulling, jumping, landing, lifting, carrying, throwing, catching…all essential for longevity and continued health.
Connection will be established socially through partner and group interaction, cooperation and healthy competitiveness.
The first 45 minutes will be studio based, with the following 45 minutes outdoors in the Castle grounds connecting with nature, rewilding and using the space to explore and play.
People of all ages, fitness and mobility levels are welcome. We encourage mindfulness and responsibility for ourselves as individuals, acknowledging the fact that our strengths and abilities all differ.

Classes are £8 

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“Life is movement and Movement is life”