Womens Chi Kung

Six week courses of Yin Chi Kung for Health and Wellbeing

Dear Sisters,
Im warmly inviting you to join me on this journey of discovery, of our bodies, vitality and the path of our hearts…
We will begin each session with a Tao Yin exercise, getting into contact with the extremeties of our bodies by gently tapping from our head to our toes, from the backs of our bodies to the front. We include over the clothes massage of the lymph and glandular systems as well as the breasts and ovaries, and of course also the “squeeze and smile” to engage our pelvic core.

Flowing into Heaven and Earth Chi Kung we attend to and open from our core, connected to Earth and reaching for the Heavens.

Next step on the journey is the inner smile meditation, greeting and sending gratitude to all our organs.

From here we move into Animal Spirit Chi Kung, meeting with the Horse, the Owl, the Bear, the Centaur and the Heron.

Finally we will close with the Healing sounds and a closing circle of gratitude.
Really excited to be sharing this journey with you xxxx

Next course starting in May 2018 

Booking and any questions please e mail Samara: